1. Since we’ve gotten so many requests to open our store earlier than planned. We have opened GKK to PRE-ORDER + FREE SHIP!

    Be the FIRST to rock GKK gear and become a part of our crew of #cutethugs. You can order at http://www.gwiyeokkangpae.storenvy.com/

  2. GKK F/W LOOKBOOK (behind the scenes)

    Check it out y’all! Our first lookbook vid is out. Special thanks to Mae Tandoc and Rosie Simmons for helping us out. And to all of you for your support! 

    Stay tuned for bigger and better things from GKK! #cutethugsunite



  4. GKK 룩북 #3

    - Grey Cropped Hoodie ‘1 Gold Chain’ 회색 후드 스웨터 ‘한 골드 체인’ -
  5. GKK 룩북 #3

    - ‘92 Jersey 저지 -

  6. GKK 룩북 #2

    - BLK T ‘2 GOLD CHAINZ’ 블랙 티셔츠 ‘두 골드 체인’ - 

  7. GKK 룩북 #1

    - GKK세일러 칼라 Sailor Collar -

  8. koreanmodel:

    Jeon Jun Young shot by Shin Say Byuk for The Growing

  10. (via 2o6)